Online lessons

The online tango school of Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes offers you their tango classes on a regular basis. You only need a good internet connection to access the lessons whenever you want, on your computer or mobile device. Enjoy high tango education.


You have the unique chance to register to the special seminars that Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes offer throughout the world. Visit new countries, discover new cities, make new friends, while getting greatest discounts.


Here you can find special packages of tango classes (women/men technique, compact online seminars), DVDs and tango accessories. Enter the shop whether you attend regular online tango school or not, and enjoy our special goodies.

If you are or want to become a tango dancer, you will:

Learn and get inspired

Watch the classes taught by two of the greatest tango maestros in the world, as many times as you need, in your own time, whenever and from wherever you choose. You'll see Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes as often as you want, with minimum costs of time and money, by cutting travel and accommodation costs.

Get a strong basis

As the maestros have an incremental approach of the classes, you get the correct basis and then add knowledge month by month, as the level of the classes increases gradually.

Get your practice assistant

You receive high quality assistance for your practicing sessions and a great tool for understanding the weak and strong points of your dance. Also, as it is hard to remember everything one learns in group or even private lessons, Tangomeet is a way to gather knowledge in one place and access it again and again.

Know all about the tango dance

You have all the tango explanations in one place: technical details exposed using visual, graphical elements, exercises for men, women and for the couple, info about managing the space in the social milonga. You can play, pause, forward, rewind as many times as you want and review the information you're looking for.

Start whenever and stop anytime

No matter the moment you start your lessons with Tangomeet, you'll receive all the valuable information taught by the maestros as if you were with them from day one. You will receive all the lessons, following the program Sebastian and Mariana have created for you. In case you want to stop your subscritption you can do it only by one click. You can resume and come back to the lessons anytime.

Rhythmical attitude

During the interaction with the maestros and especially in the journal videos you'll be able to understand not only the physical approach of tango, but also its emotional, cultural, historical, social and artistic aspects.

Master the universal tango principles

You will use the principles you learn in any tango style you choose and enjoy dancing.

If you are or want to become a tango teacher, you will:

Learn how to teach your students

You get the teaching methodology of one of the greatest tango teachers in the world, with no effort.

Get new ways of explaining tango

The Maestros teaching method reveals new ways of explaining: movements, leading, floor craft, connection, technique. You can use technical details of the same class to teach beginners or to correct advanced students.

Understand your students better

You have a tool to understand better the weak and strong points of your students' dance, so that you can tailor your teaching according to what they need in order to develop their dancing skills.

Creating your own teaching structure

You benefit from a great structure of classes, which you can use just as it comes or create your own teaching structure. You get the fundamentals which you can use in any tango style you choose to teach.

Enrich and inspire yourself

The Maestros offer you inspirational personal insights and discoveries that help you recognize some aspects of your tango life.

Here is what tango lovers from all over the world say about Tangomeet

"Hi Sebastian y Mariana.. I am listening to you and I want to congratulate you and Mariana for creating Tangomeet. This has been the best thing I have done since I started tango 15 years ago. It has improved the quality of my dance in a very noticeable way. Your dedication and your burn humour are a plus to the classes. I am taking 2 classes a week and I am always looking forward for the next one. Also the fact that Mariana is so gorgeous and so dedicated is a plus."

Ariel Alvarado, USA

"This is the best and the most complete magic-super-secret insight lesson I couldn’t even wonder about. This has changed my way of walking. This has helped me improve the quality of my dance. Give intensity and dancity to all melodical interpretation and diversificate the walk in any tango. I've had an incredible feedback since the day after the lesson. Thank you, Sebastian."

Michela Tonci, Italy

"Another great interaction with you on Tangomeet. As a relatively new entrant to the tango community I share the same frustrations, fears and other emotions as you described about your singing. But the positive aspect is the willingness to work hard and be persistent to reach our goals, yet to create new ones once we have reached our immediate goals and be a student for ever. Cheers Sebastian. Am glad I signed up for this online learning program."

Rakesh Kumar, India

"That was awesome! Straight forward and honest, and therefore refreshing. Honesty and openness are rare qualities to find in the world we live but they show a great deal of strength and courage, fundamental pillars of a true artist. Gracias Seba, un abrazo maestro!"

Angeles Chanaha, USA

"Fantastic breakdown. Should be everyone's first lesson. So helpful and I know this will improve our dancing."

Penny May, USA

"Thanks for another great video. The most beautiful technique I have ever seen for these movements."

Peter Davies, Australia

"Beautiful! I am very happy you talked about this ( E.d: the comment refers to a specific material presented in the program), I was quite concerned about it at the moment and it's so good to hear a confirmation especially from you, it makes you feel you're not alone."

Luisa Borhina, Switzerland

"This is a really great lesson! The advice on noticing lean while walking around the lady is very helpful. Also the part about reinforcing her base worked very well. These subtle things make such a difference in the dance. Thank you for touching on each of these small but important things!"

George van Vliet, Netherlands

"Thank you for this wonderful lesson! With that amount of details both beginners and experienced dancers can profit from it. Many thanks also to the technical and administrative team behind Tangomeet. Lovely site, very stable from the first launch, easy and fun to use."

Banko Bantchev, Germany

"The most beautiful improvisation-lesson. I’ve never seen a lesson like this before. Thank you soo much."

Mirco Poluzzi, Italy