1. What is Tangomeet?

Learning from Maestros week by week...
Tangomeet is a service which allows tango lovers from all over the world to have personal access to international maestros, Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes, through a series of weekly online classes and videos with their personal insights and discoveries in tango. We believe it is one of the biggest leaps forward in learning tango because it is convenient and fast. When we say fast, we don’t mean that you will learn Argentine tango in a few days, because succeeding in this learning process is up to you and the time you spend practicing what the Maestros teach. What we mean by fast is that you just switch on your computer, enter your Tangomeet.com account and watch, and re-watch the video classes, and practice in the intimacy of your home. It is simply amazing!

Easy interaction with Maestros...
What makes it even better is that Maestros and Tangomeet subscribers can easily interact with each other. During the virtual classes, you can ask questions and Sebastian and Mariana will provide answers, and explain via comments or in next lessons and videos.

Watch, re-watch just as long as you need...
Another thing that you are really going to be excited about is that on Tangomeet, not only you attend the class, but also you can re-watch it over and over again.

Anytime, anywhere, so comfortable...
And because it’s online, you’ll be able to attend the classes anywhere you have Internet connection, so you can choose your class location or the time you are going to watch and learn. It allows you to have a more flexible schedule, save time and money. This is just incredible!

2. How can I actually start learning?

First, you have to become a Tangomeet member. Upon registration you’ll be asked to choose between three types of plans and pricing: Free, Once a week or Twice a week.

With the Free plan you’ll receive 16 videos with common mistakes that the Maestros frequently encountered while teaching worldwide.
With the Once a week plan you’ll receive the 16 videos with common mistakes and an online class with Sebastian and Mariana every week.
With the Twice a week plan you’ll receive the 16 videos with common mistakes, two online classes with Sebastian and Mariana every week and 2 videos per month with the Maestros’ insights, thoughts and discoveries about teaching and dancing tango.

Choose the plan that fits best your needs and pay your monthly subscription by card, using our very easy and highly secured payment system. And you are good to go! Just enjoy learning tango every week with Sebastian and Mariana.

3. What If I didn’t register the day Tangomeet.com have been launched but, for example, 6 months later, do I miss all the classes that have been taught during all these months?

Every Tangomeet subscriber will go through the entire tango learning process, as it was conceived by Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes. That is, you’ll start watching the video classes from the beginning and won’t miss any precious information.

4. And if I’m going the start watching the classes from the beginning will I never catch up with the other subscribers and won’t I be able to see the latest classes and videos?

In order not to loose any precious time, start learning tango from Sebastian and Mariana as soon as possible. Yet, even if you have lost a couple of weeks, you’ll always be able to see the latest classes and videos as long as you keep your account on Tangomeet and your plan active.

5. What is the level of the tango classes that will be available on Tangomeet?

The Maestros will have an incremental approach. This means that a tango theme will be presented starting with its fundamentals, that is with the beginner-intermediate level, until reaching the advanced level upon the following lessons. This is an approach that is very useful not only for beginning students, but also for advanced dancers and teachers.

6. Who are the classes on Tangomeet for?

The classes on Tangomeet are suitable for dancers of all levels, but also for teachers.
If you are a dancer with less than 6 months of tango practice (classes/ workshops/ milongas/ practicas), you will have the chance to learn not only from your local teachers, but also from international Maestros.

If you are a dancer with at least 6 months of tango practice (classes/ workshops/ milongas/ practicas), you will substantially improve your dancing, having the chance to make a good check on your fundamentals.

If you are a teacher you can improve your teaching method especially in your beginner -intermediate classes.

7. How much time should I spend learning for each video class?

We recommend 1,5 or 2 hours of practice for each class. Then, keep applying what you have learned in milongas and not only you, but also your tango partner will notice the beautiful evolution of your dance.

8. Can I ask for feedback or discuss a situation that might appear in my learning/teaching process?

Yes, definitely. Just post your comment or question in the comments section bellow each video class and you will receive a feedback from Sebastian and Mariana in the following classes, videos or in the comment section of the class.

9. What do I need to know about Payment, Refunds, Upgrading and Downgrading my subscription on Tangomeet?

  1. If you sign up for a Once a week or Twice a week account, you will be billed every 28 days. 28 days equal on Tangomeet to one payment period or month, period during which you will receive all the content designated for the subscription plan you have chosen.

  2. Your upgrade will be effective starting with day one of the next payment period. Only then we will charge your card and you'll be able to see the content designated for your new subscription plan.

  3. An upgrade from the Free membership plan to any paying plan will end your free account. You will be billed for your first payment period/month immediately upon upgrading.

  4. The Service is billed in advance on a payment period basis and is non-refundable.
    There will be no refunds or credits for partial months of service, upgrade/downgrade refunds, or refunds for months unused with an open account. In order to treat everyone equally, no exceptions will be made.

  5. For any upgrade or downgrade in plan level, your credit card that you provided will automatically be charged the new rate on your next billing cycle.

  6. Downgrading your plan you will have access to all the content you have already paid for, following that the content which will be available to you starting next month/payment period would be according to your new plan.

10. What is recurring payment and what are its benefits?

For your ease, you'll pay the subscription fees designated for the plan you have chosen automatically, on a monthly basis, as long as your account is open. It means that every 28 days we’ll renew your subscription and charge your card with the amount corresponding to the plan you have subscribed for. So, you’ll automatically receive your classes every month without being necessary to take another action in order to continue the learning process... and you’ll be zen!

11. What happens if I delete my account on Tangomeet, will I still have access to the content I have paid for?

All the content you have paid for in previous months will be available to you as long as you are a registered member of Tangomeet, paid or free.
We would rather want you stay, but in case you decide to pause your learning process for whatever reason, you can either disable or permanently delete your account on Tangomeet.

  1. Disabling your account on Tangomeet using the DISABLE ACCOUNT button in your Settings means you will no longer have access to the content you have paid for. You can reactivate it at anytime simply by logging in with your login email and password.

  2. Deleting permanently your account on Tangomeet, will cause loss of all content you have ever paid for. Nevertheless, if you still want to delete your account permanently, therefore not to be able to ever activate it again, please, send us an email at contact at tangomeet dot com with the request of permanently deleting your account on Tangomeet.